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Changes by the update

This page lists all changes to the Translator V17. It allows you to decide whether it is useful for you to download the new file or not.


Changes in release 17.0.87 (in comparison to V17.0.63):

  1. Several new hotkeys for the Universal translator, e.g. for "Change dictionary" or for selecting the displayed translation.
  2. The Word integration can be easily installed or removed using the new command "Extras", "Office integration".
  3. Improved Import filter and "Edit", "Create continuous text" function.
  4. The Construction kit allows to set a bookmark for any category to be able to return to it quickly (available via the right mouse button).
  5. Some minor corrections and changes.

Changes in release 17.0.63 (in comparison to V17.0.57)

  1. If desired, the Universal translator will only appear as a small icon in the info area of the task bar (next to the clock).
  2. The "Search automatically" function of the Universal translator has been improved.

Changes in release 17.0.57 (in comparison to the original release V17.0.36):

  1. Significant improvements to the Word macro: When translating entire documents, nearly the entire layout (incl. tables, pictures, margins, styles, etc.) remains existent now.
  2. Bug fixed: The Foreign language tutor was unable to detect the language of the supplied card box files. This prevented the speech output from working correctly.
  3. Bug fixed: A wrong shortcut in the Setup Wizard caused the program to terminate with runtime error 36500 when calling a certain dialog box.
  4. Some minor corrections and changes.


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