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Online registration

If you purchased your product from a reseller, you may register your full version of MZ-WinTranslator online here. You will then receive the permanent license data.

You may also register your product by phone or by sending in the registration card which comes with the product. Please read the notes which come with the product.



1. Please fill out the following fields:

Company:   (when applicable)
First & last name:
Street & no.:
ZIP & town:
Your e-mail address:

With your registration you agree that you will be saved with your name and address as a user of the program by Holtschke GmbH, Jägerstraße 14, D-33775 Versmold. This registration enables you, among other things, to receive price-reduced offers to update to the newest version of the program and to get support on problems. Your data will be kept confidential and it will not be forwarded to third parties.


2. Please enter the code from the registration card (licensee):

Please do not enter the license-code/enable-code!

Where do I find this code?


3. Annotations:


I agree that my data will be used according to the Privacy policy.

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