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If you want to use the dictionary updates over Internet, you need a license-code. Order this code by filling out the following form.


1. Please fill out the following fields:

Company:   (when applicable)
First & last name:
Street & no.:
ZIP & town:
E-mail address:

Please enter the address stored in our database above. If you moved recently, please tell us this fact under 'Annotations'. Only registered users of a full version are allowed to use the dictionary updates via Internet.


2. Usage conditions:

You will get the license-code required to install the dictionary updates from the Internet for the amount of 11.00 EUR (incl. VAT). The license-code is valid until:

December 2008

If you want to use the updates after this date, please order a new license-code using this form. If you do not want to use the updates any longer, no action is required.

After sending this order, you will receive an invoice with the license-code via mail.

A new supplementary file will be made available for download every three months. The supplementary file can only be imported into the dictionary after entering the license-code.

A new MZ-WinTranslator version releases once every year. The estimated release date for the next version is November 2008. Because of the dictionary updates via Internet, your dictionary will already be on the level of the new version.


3. Annotations:


I agree to the above usage conditions and that my data will be used according to the Privacy policy.

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