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The Construction kit - as well as the other parts of MZ-WinTranslator - is highly customizable to meet the customer's requirements. This does not only include the possibility to customize the user unterface. Even the sentence library can be entirely restructured - you may as well create an entirely new one on your own.


  • Click "Options", "Settings".
  • Click the "Fonts" tab. It allows you to set an independent font face and size for each of the three areas of the main window.
  • Click "Letter view" on top and select the font size "18".

  • Click "OK" and look at the new font of the letter.
  • Open the Settings dialog again and set the font size for the letter view back to 10.
If you print the letter or export is as Rich Text, the font set for the letter view will be used.

The layout of the three areas can be modified as well.
  • Move the mouse pointer to the gap between the letter view and the lower area. The mouse pointer changes to an arrow pointing up and down.
  • Press the left mouse button and hold the button pressed.
  • Move the mouse pointer upwards and release the left mouse button afterwards.

All settings will automatically be saved when closing the Construction kit. The program will appear the way you left it when running it again.

Creating an own category

  • Now open the category "Private letters" on the left side by clicking the [+] in front of the text "Private letters". Then activate the category by clicking on the text "Private letters" to make it appear highlighted in blue.

  • Now choose "Edit", "New category".
  • Type "Exchange" as name for the new category and press Enter afterwards.

  • The new category will appear as the first subcategory in the structure.
  • Now move the category downwards by clicking the toolbar button (Down) until the new category appears between "Introduction" and "Order".

Saving an own sentence

  • Click the "Free input" tab in the lower area.
  • Type

    I'm looking for

    followed by a space into the upper text box.

  • Press the right mouse button and choose "Variable", "Free text".

  • The text "@V@" will be inserted at the cursor position. This is a place-holder for a variable.

  • Now type

    and I offer

    and a space.
  • Insert another variable for free text using the popup menu (right mouse button). The text "@V1@" will be inserted.

If more variables of the same type shall be used in one sentence, they have to be numbered to make the program able to assign the variables in the foreign language version of the sentence. Depending on the target language it is possible that the English sentence contains @V@ first and later on @V1@, and the foreign language version contains @V1@ first and @V@ later. It is therefore necessary to number the variables to make this "cross-wise"e; assignment possible.

You may also enter the place-holders for variables by hand without using the popup menu. The @ sign can be generated by pressing Alt Gr + Q on your keyboard. Please note the upper/lower case. A list of possible variables and their place-holders can be found in the on-line help for the keyword "Variables".
  • Add a dot . at the end of the sentence.
  • Click "Translate". You will get a translation suggestion, which could be edited if desired.

  • Now click "Insert" and choose "into the sentence library".

  • The "Contents" tab will be activated and you can see that the sentence "I'm looking for <<Variable>> and I offer <<Variable1>>." has been saved in the sentence library.

  • Double-click the sentence to insert it into the letter. Then look at the German version of the letter by clicking the "German" tab. As expected, the translation of our sentence appears in the letter.

Satz bearbeiten

  • Now click our recently saved sentence on the "Contents" tab.
  • Choose "Edit", "Edit sentence".

  • Click the upper text box with the right mouse button and select "Comment..." from the popup menu.
  • Type the following into the text box "Free comment input":

    My very first own sentence

The "More options" area allows you to set that a space shall be inserted before (preceding) or after (subsequent) this sentence, and that the following sentence shall start with a small inital letter (as it works for the salutation as well; see part 1 of the workshop).

There are 2 line breaks necessary to add a new paragraph. A single line break will begin a new text line.

  • Click "OK".
  • The comment is visible in curly brackets behind our sentence:

The comment will not be inserted into the letter; it is only used to explain or distinguish sentences.


It is possible to change the order of the sentences in a category using the (Up) or (Down) toolbar buttons in the same way the order of the categories can be changed (see above). The most recently added sentence will always appear on top.

It is of course possible to delete sentences and categories ("Del" key on your keyboard or "Edit", "Delete"), and to edit already existing sentences, change their order, or move them into another category. Information on this can be found in the on-line help.

You may also create an entirely new sentence library for a new language direction. Proceed as follows:

  1. Create a new dictionary in the main program ("Dictionary", "Create..."). If the language direction of the new dictionary is not recognized automatically, you have to modify the wbflaggen.ini file (more information is available in the on-line help for the keyword "New dictionary").
  2. Choose "Options", "Language direction..." in the Construction kit and select the line which states your new dictionary at its end.
  3. Create new categories and save sentences or sample letters.

Your changes to the sentence libraries will automatically be saved in a backup file in the program directory. You may save these files on floppy disk etc. by using the "Extras", "Create backup..." command and specifying the desired files and a target.
If you want to import your changes into a new program version, use the "Extras", "Restore backup" command and select the respective backup file.

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