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The third workshop will show you the effects of some options of the Uni translator.

Opening the Settings dialog

  • Delete the existing text in WordPad and type the sentence "This is a sample text" again.
  • Usually the icon which allows you to open the Settings dialog is invisible. It appears if a translation or the dictionary are shown. So press "F9" now to open the dictionary.
  • Then click the icon on the right. A dialog window appears.
  • Set the options as shown in the following image, so "Show dictionary comments: yes", "Copy first translation into clipboard: no", "Number of text lines for the translation: 3", "Automatically enlarge display width: yes", "Clipboard communication with Sendkeys": yes, "Search automatically: yes", "Minimize in System Tray": yes. Then click "OK".

We will not look at the "Copy first translation into clipboard" option any further. If the option is activated, the first translation will automatically be copied into the clipboard (e.g. "Beispiel" for "sample"). This allows you to insert the translation into the text using the "Edit", "Paste" command (in our case it is located in the WordPad menu bar).

The "Automatically enlarge display width" option has already been explained in the second workshop.

The "Clipboard communication with Sendkeys" option affects internal program routines of the Uni translator. It is not required to change the option in most cases.

Test the effects

  • Now minimize the Universal translator by clicking the minimize button in the title bar of the window:

The Universal translator is now only visible as a small icon next to the clock in the lower right corner of the screen. This is due to the "Minimize in System Tray" option.

If this option would be deactivated, the Universal translator (if minimized) would be represented as a standard button in the task bar:

  • Now select the word "sample" in WordPad again and then click the icon for the Uni translator in the lower right corner of the task bar.

  • Without having to click on the lightning button, the translations for the word "sample" appear. The "Search automatically" function is responsible for this behaviour. This means that it is possible to use the Universal translator as a very comfortable and always available reference work which runs in the background and can be quickly activated if required.

In addition, you will surely notice that not all translations for "sample" are visible under each other. Only the first three translations appear. The scroll bar on the right side of the Uni translator (highlighted with a red box in the following image) can be used to display the remaining translations:

Moreover, the translation "Beispiel" is followed by the comments "¤u" and "¤neut" which were hidden before.

  • Now open the Settings dialog again by clicking the icon. Click the second tab "Font". Then set the font "Times New Roman" and the size "18" and activate the "Bold" option. Then click "OK".

  • The changes to the font are visible immediately:

Change other settings

It is possible to define which of the Universal translator icons shall be visible. If the toolbar shall only need as less space as possible on your screen, you may hide unused icons:

  • Click again. Click the "Icons" tab.
  • Hide the "WB-2", "Insert translated text" and "Speech output" icons by clicking the boxes in front of the respective lines. Then move the "Translate selected text" button on top by clicking it and using the button afterwards:

  • Then click "OK". The Universal translator now looks as follows:


  • Now proceed as follows to avoid that the program saves the new settings:
  1. Leave the Universal translator using the door icon (). The main program appears.
  2. Click "File", "Exit without saving Config". If this command is not visible, click "Options", "Complete menu" first.

The program has been closed now, and the changes to the Universal translator settings have not been saved.

The fourth workshop will show you how to run the Universal translator automatically with Windows. To fourth workshop

To workshop overview

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