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Downloading the program again

Downloading the program again

General information

If you ordered the download version of MZ-WinTranslator, you may download the setup files from our website for 7 days.

Your download link will be automatically closed after this period due to security reasons. If you want to download the files again (e.g. because they were destroyed by a hard disk fault), you have the following possibilities:

  • If you did not yet delete the e-mail with the download link, we are able to reactivate your login. Please contact us in this case: Contact
  • If you lost the e-mail with the download link as well, you may submit a new order. Please write into the "Annotations" field: new download, invoice paid. Please pay attention to order a download version!

To avoid loss of the setup files, please make a backup on CD-R.

Only the most recent version of the program is available for download. As soon as a subsequent version has been released, it is no longer possible to download the old version again. You may however order a replacement CD for older versions at any time. You may either contact us or use the Order system and select the "Additional order" option. If you own more than one version, please tell us the desired version of the replacement CD in the annotations field.

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